Reciva / RSS Instructions

Choose a station from the list below to access a Reciva-compatible RSS feed of all available Listen Again data for that radio station. Feeds may take up to 20 seconds to load as currently all data is fetched in real time. Note that you now need to specify whether you want the UK or international stream in the URL, as the BBC no longer provide universal streams for Windows Media Audio.

IDStationGenreWMA Link
1BBC Radio 1(pop)WMA
8BBC 1Xtra(pop)WMA
2BBC Radio 2(general music)WMA
3BBC Radio 3(classical)WMA
4BBC Radio 4 FM(speech)WMA
7BBC Radio 4 Extra (was BBC 7)(archive and comedy)WMA
5BBC 5 Live<(sport and education)WMA
6BBC 6 Music(alternative music)WMA
9BBC Asian Network(ethnic)WMA
9BBC World Service(international)WMA
12BBC Radio Scotland(regional)WMA
13BBC Radio Ulster(regional)WMA
14BBC Radio Foyle(regional)WMA
15BBC Radio Wales(regional)WMA
16BBC Radio Cymru(regional)WMA


Today's Listening

Choose a station from the list below to access a Reciva-compatible RSS feed for the current day's programming of the chosen radio station. All streams are the Windows Media international versions - change the /wi/ section to /w/ to get a UK WMA version.

1BBC Radio 1(pop)
8BBC 1Xtra(pop)
2BBC Radio 2(general music)
3BBC Radio 3(classical)
4BBC Radio 4 FM(speech)
7BBC Radio 4 Extra(archive and comedy)
5BBC 5 Live(sport and education)
10BBC 5 Live Sports Extra(sport)
6BBC 6 Music(alternative music)
9BBC Asian Network(ethnic)
11BBC World Service(international)
12BBC Radio Scotland(regional)
13BBC Radio Ulster(regional)
14BBC Radio Foyle(regional)
15BBC Radio Wales(regional)
16BBC Radio Cymru(regional)
17BBC Radio Nan Gadheal(regional)
20BBC Cumbria(North East)
21BBC Newcastle(North East)
22BBC Tees(North East)
23BBC Lancashire(North West)
24BBC Merseyside(North West)
25BBC Manchester(North West)
26BBC Leeds(Yorkshire)
27BBC Sheffield(Yorkshire)
28BBC York(Yorkshire)
29BBC Humberside(East Yorks & Lincs)
30BBC Lincolnshire(East Yorks & Lincs)
31BBC Nottingham(East Midlands)
32BBC Leicester(East Midlands)
33BBC Derby(East Midlands)
34BBC Stoke(West Midlands)
35BBC Shropshire(West Midlands)
36BBC WM(West Midlands)
37BBC Coventry & Warwickshire(West Midlands)
38BBC Hereford & Worcester(West Midlands)
39BBC Northampton(East)
40BBC Three Counties(East)
41BBC Cambridgeshire(East)
42BBC Norfolk(East)
43BBC Suffolk(East)
44BBC Essex(East)
45BBC London(London)
46BBC Kent(South East)
47BBC Southern Counties(South East)
48BBC Oxford(South)
49BBC Berkshire(South)
50BBC Solent(South)
51BBC Gloucestershire(West)
53BBC Wiltshire(West)
54BBC Bristol(West)
55BBC Somerset(West)
56BBC Devon(South West)
57BBC Cornwall(South West)
58BBC Guernsey(Channel Islands)
59BBC Jersey(Channel Islands)


Instructions for use

These links can to be added to "My Podcasts" via the Reciva web site. They give a means to access the "listen again" programmes from the BBC.

You can either add a link for today's broadcast, or perhaps more usefully, add up to 7 links for each of the preceeding days for your chosen channels.


Example 1. To add Radio 4 Listen Again output in Windows Media (international) form, use this format for the "My Podcasts" link. Listen Again content is refreshed every few hours.

Give it a meaningful name, such as "BBC Radio 4 Listen Again".

Example 2. To add today's Radio 3 output (Windows Media), use this format for the "My Podcasts" link. But note that the link will always update to the current day.

Give it a meaningful name, such as "BBC Radio 3 today".

Example 3. To add Radio 2 for Tuesday (Windows Media), use this format for the "My Podcasts" link

And give it a name which is useful to you, such as "BBC Radio2 Tues".

Example 4. To add Radio Scotland for Saturday and force the international Windows Media link, use this format for the "My Podcasts" link (note the /wi/ instead of /w/ in the URL)

Again, give it a name which is useful to you, such as "BBC Scotland Sat".

Other Dates

To access listen again links for other dates, use one of the following URL formats:[id]/date/yyyy-mm-dd/[type]/rss.aspx

Replace [id] with the relevant station ID (a number between 1 and 12), type with 'w', 'wi' or 'wu' for either global, UK or International WMA format (always try global first), and ensure the date is specified in ISO format. You may omit the date parameter completely to default to the current day.


Replace [id] with the relevant station ID (a number between 1 and 12), type with 'w', 'wi' or 'wu', and replace [day] with the day you want (one of mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat or sun).


Alternatively, use the main schedule system or the Audio on Demand listings to find the desired radio station and date, then copy the RSS syndication link from the top of the page and paste into the appropriate application. You can only subscribe to feeds for dates within the last 7 day using this method.

Thanks to Nigel Cliffe for his help with these instructions, and information on Reciva radios.