So long, and thanks for all the fish.

After over 12 years it's finally time to call it a day. The radio landscape has changed so much over the years and so it feels right to retire the technology behind the iPlayer Converter site before it becomes a moody teenager :-(

Moreover, site traffic logs do seem to show that no-one actually visits any more - it's lonely and I can hear the wolves circling in the distance...

As such, I'll be shutting down the site at the end of March 2021. If anyone wants to take on the mantle (it's a relatively simple ASP.NET site) then feel free to contact me in the meantime (adancy+iplayerconverter@gmail.com will get me). If not then thank you to all my loyal site visitors and those who have emailed over the years.

Older stuff

This site is intended to provide alternative audio links for those that are unable to use the official BBC iPlayer Radio applications. Now the BBC have turned off all their Windows Media Audio links (as of Feb 2015) the site currently provides HLS MP3, AAC and MPEG-DASH stream information.

Update September 2018 There are some problems with national radio BBC feeds. Local radio stations seem to be OK for now.


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Site History

14th September 2018:  Audio on Demand feeds for national radio stations seem to be broken. I've patched to get local radio working again.

13th May 2017:  I've found a workaround to get the 'convert' page working again, albeit with VPIDs rather than PIDs. The Listen Again page has been updated accordingly. Schedule pages are unlikely to ever work again unless the BBC introduce a new set of feeds.

30th April 2017:  The BBC have decommissioned the feeds that power the schedule pages. More info at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/programmes/schedules/today.xml. I am investigating possible workarounds.

6th December 2015:  Moved iplayerconverter to a new hosting platform, fixed resulting caching issues.

8th November 2015:  Fixed missing RTMP information, added new MPEG-DASH stream information.

7th June 2015:  Fixed problem with World Service listen again links.

15th February 2015:  AAC stream data is now available on the convert page and all schedule/listen again pages now link to the relevant convert page. This is experimental so do let me know if there are any problems with the AAC data.

14th February 2015:  All Windows Media Audio feeds are now dead. See this BBC page for more information. I'm working on ways to display the new AAC feed information instead.

27th January 2015:  Changed PID generation code to cope with recent BBC changes.

11th November 2014:  Increased schedule availability from 7 days to 30 days. However BBC feed changes mean links may not be reliable.

30th June 2014:  Added suggestion for Windows Phone app.

25th May 2014:  International WMA links should now work on the 'Convert' and the machine-readable pages. For those of you that are technically minded I'm proxying certain requests through a non-UK server to work round the geo-IP restrictions that were causing the problems.

13th May 2014:  Apologies to users of the RSS feeds for recent problems. I have found and fixed the typo which was stopping the feeds working properly on some internet radios.

9th May 2014:  Bug fix for WMA direct links so the global ones should work now!

5th May 2014:  I've managed to work around the BBC feed inconsistency bug for the time being. The convert page should now return correct links. For thsoe of you that rely on the day/time being part of the WMA link (so you can schedule downloads) I'm afraid there doesn't seem to be a direct replacement for that at the moment.

3rd May 2014:  BBC feeds are playing up for some users - it would appear the feed format is changing as part of wider BBC changes to allow more than 7 days worth of radio programmes on iPlayer. For the time being if the main 'WMA' link doesn't work on a Listen Again page please try the 'UK' or 'Intl' link as these use a slightly different link format which may work where the main link doesn't.

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