Convert iPlayer Programme ID (PID)

Converting an iPlayer Version Programme ID (VPID) to stream information is easy! Just enter the VPID in the box below and click the 'Convert' button.

Important! As of April 2017 you must use a Version PID and not a regular PID. All iplayerconverter links have been updated to pass VPIDs to this page.

Enter VPID:  


VPID: p08hrx4f

HLS MP3 (UK only)

Playlist URL:

M3U Container:

AAC Audio (all streams after mid-Feb 2015)



iplayerconverter links

Persistent URL machine-readable data with WMA links:


Use the persistent stream URL above to link directly to the Windows Media streams. If you are building your own application and wish to parse the audio locations automatically, use the machine-readable link.

The data format for the machine-readable link is a comma separated variable list, suitable for import into Flash. The variables are pid, vpid, aac, hls, wma (deprecated), wmauk (deprecated), wmaintl (deprecated), asxuk (deprecated) and asxintl (deprecated) containing the programme id passed in, the version programme id (VPID), a global raw Windows Media Audio stream link, UK and international specific wrapper URLs, then UK and international specific raw ASX links respectively.